Eldoryn (pronounced: L door ren )is home of one of the three Great Libraries of Athonis. Because of this fact, it has a slightly diverse racial mix. Humans and elves make up the largest portion of this mix, with dwarves, and then hobbits tailing behind.

The Market District

Because of the many travelers that come to Eldoryn, the town has a thriving market district. Even during the winter months when travel has slowed, Eldoryn still remains rather busy.

If one travels down the road leading through the center of Eldoryn, they would be greeted by the smell of food and ale that fills the air from many of the taverns and outdoor stalls. This road, commonly referred to as Drubon Street, is thought to be the hub of the market district. Drubon Street ends at the entrance of the Great Library of Athonis.

Off of Drubon Street are a variety of shops. Most of the ones closer to the library are mage shops, art galleries, book stores, and fine clothing stores. They cater more to high end customers, and some of these shops are said to be blatantly over priced.

Other areas of the market district cater to the adventurer. In these areas you will find almost any armor or weapon you wish. However, most of the shops here do not make the items in the store. They normally are brought in from blacksmiths that may be anywhere from the edge of town to across the realm. Many shop owners will claim to have exotic and masterful items, and few may actually be telling the truth.

Law Enforment

Despite the large amount of travelers that come through the town, Eldoryn still has a strong city guard.

Stealing is considered a major crime, and those caught may face a long sentence in the mines of Dergo. Stealing from the Great Library of Athonis is punishable by death.

Many of the towns guard are mercenaries. Like many of the merchants, these mercenaries will make their way to Eldoryn during the travel season and leave during the winter months. This is how Eldoryn is able to keep its large number of city guards.

The permanent guards are often promoted from the group of mercenaries, and, because of this, are considered to be some of the best soldiers in Eldoryn.


Housing ranges from the ragged to the exquisite. Generally speaking, the closer to the Library, the more expensive the housing.

Like most of the Great Libraries of Athonis, there is housing within the Library for the Athonolites. The houses nearest to the library are normaly filled with the apprentices that work under the Athonolites as well as the Honored Athonis Sages.

Travelers can find a multitude of inns within the town, but, like the housing, they tend to vary in price. The more expensive inns will be found within the market district, closer to the library. They are also the safest.


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