Great Libraries of Athonis

There are three Great Libraries of Athonis in existance. They are located in Ulys, Eldoryn, and Polessa.

The libraries were founded by the powerful wizard and respected scholar Athonis. These libraries preserve the beliefs that Athonis lived by, “knowledge is the most powerful magic, which only the weakest minds can destroy.”

Athonis believed that knowledge must be preserved and passed through generations of time. If people no longer continued to learn, then the power of knowledge would be destroyed.

Uses of the Libraries

The public is only allowed access only to certain unrestricted books. These books are decided upon by the library’s Head Athonolite. The books that are considered unrestricted are often books on history, commonly known spells, and general knowledge.

Honored Sages of Athonis are given less restrictions and have access to more advanced books that are said to contain more arcane information. These books are intended to assist the Sages in their research, be it of a magical artifact, hidden legends, spells, or anything else they might be researching.

Perhaps considered the most important use of the library, is the research facilities of the Athonolites. It is said that countless artifacts are kept hidden within the confines of the libraries, where they are subject to the relentless research done by the Athonolites.

Great Libraries of Athonis

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